Gluten Free Goodness

Gluten Free Goodness

We love our gluten-free community in the 518 area! Our donuts and fried chicken are 100% gluten-free and are fried in dedicated fryers to avoid cross contamination. You can now enjoy our delicious flavors of donuts and fried chicken safely.

Our mouthwatering chicken nuggets, French fry dippers are all 100% gluten-free Try them with our homemade sauces (Spicy 518, Creamy BBQ, Asian Sesame-soy, and Maple Cinnamon.

The chicken is fresh, never frozen, and is non-GMO. All fried chicken is made with a batter that is 100% gluten-free. The sandwiches can be served on a gluten-free bun. When combined with the dippers, it becomes a delicious and wholesome meal that is 100% gluten-free!

Our Chicken Fried Dough uses the same gluten-free fried chicken batter and is then rolled in our gluten-free mix for that incredible fried donut exterior. The result: an incredible treat that you cannot find anywhere else!

What our celiac community has said about our gluten-free offerings:

“wow, I haven’t had a donut in 23 years”
“OMG, it’s been 9 years since I had fried chicken … I can eat it again!”

Our Daily Flavors

Fresh, gluten free donut flavors available each day

Monday: Closed
Tuesday- Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Frosted, Blueberry
Wednesday- Cookies and Cream, Heath Bar, Strawberry Frosted
Thursday- Peanut Butter Explosion, Coffee Cake, Vanilla Frosted
Friday- Peppermint Crunch, Fruity Pebble, Cinnamon Sugar
Saturday- Heath Bar, Campfire Smores, Cookies and Cream
Sunday- Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Sprinkle, Coffee Cake