We have taken two beloved items: donuts and fried chicken and elevated it!

Gourmet ingredients are the name of the game at 518 Donuts and many of our ingredients are locally sourced. We have perfected our gourmet donuts and fried chicken with attention to detail on our chicken seasoning, donut toppings, homemade dipping sauces, and frying process.

We offer a mouth-watering selection of fresh cake donuts, made daily, including classic flavors like cinnamon sugar, strawberry frosted, chocolate glazed, and blueberry, as well as a selection of premium flavors including cookies & cream and maple bacon. For our ice cream lovers: we offer donut bowls full of vanilla ice cream and more. Yes, you read that correctly. A donut bowl, filled with ice cream. These donuts do not disappoint!

When it comes to chicken, we have a selection of gourmet sandwiches and chicken tenders, and with the real magic happening with our chicken fried dough: gourmet tenders wrapped in donut batter with powdered sugar.

A huge hit in our 518 community: our gluten free donuts and 100% gluten free fried chicken and fried chicken sandwiches.

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